OD x NPT Male Connector

Tube OD Thread NPT Part No. A B C A/F Hex
6MM 1/8" NPT 6M-2N MC 24.00mm 9.50mm 9.50mm 14.00mm
6MM 1/4" NPT 6M-4N MC 24.00mm 12.50mm 9.50mm 14.00mm
6MM 3/8" NPT 6M-6N MC 24.00mm 14.00mm 9.50mm 19.00mm
6MM 1/2" NPT 6M-8N MC 24.00mm 17.50mm 11.00mm 22.00mm
8MM 1/8" NPT 8M-2N MC 27.00mm 9.500mm 8.50mm 17.00mm
8MM 1/4" NPT 8M-4N MC 27.00mm 12.50mm 8.50mm 17.00mm
8MM 3/8" NPT 8M-6N MC 27.00mm 14.00mm 8.50mm 19.00mm
8MM 1/2" NPT 8M-8N MC 27.00mm 17.50mm 10.00mm 22.00mm
10MM 1/8" NPT 10M-2N MC 27.00mm 9.500mm 9.00mm 19.00mm
10MM 1/4" NPT 10M-4N MC 27.00mm 12.50mm 9.00mm 19.00mm
10MM 3/8" NPT 10M-6N MC 27.00mm 14.00mm 9.00mm 19.00mm
10MM 1/2" NPT 10M-8N MC 27.00mm 17.50mm 10.50mm 22.00mm
12MM 1/4" NPT 12M-4N MC 27.00mm 12.50mm 9.00mm 19.00mm
12MM 3/8" NPT 12M-6N MC 27.00mm 14.00mm 9.00mm 19.00mm
12MM 1/2" NPT 12M-8T MC 27.00mm 17.50mm 10.50mm 22.00mm
12MM 3/4" NPT 12M-12N MC 27.00mm 19.00mm 12.00mm 28.50mm
15MM 1/4" NPT 15M-4N MC 29.00mm 12.50mm 9.50mm 24.00mm
15MM 3/8" NPT 15M-6N MC 29.00mm 14.00mm 9.50mm 24.00mm
15MM 1/2" NPT 15M-8N MC 29.00mm 17.50mm 11.00mm 24.00mm
15MM 3/4" NPT 15M-12N MC 29.00mm 19.00mm 12.50mm 28.50mm
16MM 1/2" NPT 16M-8N MC 23.50mm 17.50mm 11.00mm 27.00mm
16MM 3/4" NPT 16M-12N MC 32.50mm 19.00mm 11.00mm 28.50mm
18MM 3/4" NPT 18M-12N MC 35.00mm 19.00mm 13.50mm 28.50mm
20MM 1/2" NPT 20M-8N MC 35.80mm 17.50mm 14.50mm 33.00mm
20MM 3/4" NPT 20M-12N MC 35.80mm 19.00mm 14.50mm 33.00mm
20MM 1" NPT 20M-16N MC 35.80mm 22.00mm 14.50mm 35.00mm
22MM 1/2" NPT 22M-8N MC 38.00mm 17.50mm 14.50mm 33.00mm
22MM 3/4" NPT 22M-12N MC 38.00mm 19.00mm 14.50mm 33.00mm
22MM 1" NPT 22M-16N MC 38.00mm 22.00mm 14.50mm 35.00mm
25MM 3/4" NPT 25M-12N MC 39.80mm 19.00mm 14.50mm 38.00mm
25MM 1" NPT 25M-16N MC 39.80mm 22.00mm 14.50mm 38.00mm

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